before-after-hands3Our journey with eczema started about two years ago. Our 10 year old son broke out with a rash on his bottom, which over the next two years, spread over his whole body. He had this rash on his chest, back, shoulders, elbows, knees, legs and even his scalp. The rash was itchy, crusty, and red. It would even crack open and bleed. We took him to several doctors but none of them could really do anything to give this boy any kind of relief.

Over the two years of suffering, my son’s eczema was so severe that kids at school started noticing this rash and would make fun of him. He started wearing jeans all the time so the kids couldn’t see his rash. He had played basketball since he was 5 years old and this year he wouldn’t even play because he had to wear shorts and he didn’t want anyone to see his spots.

Then in June we went to SkinBeClear Dermatherapy. Within the first 3 treatments we could already see a difference. Within 2 weeks his skin was not as red and the itching had stopped. After the first month the rash had cleared up and his skin is smooth again. My son has started wearing shorts again and isn’t embarrassed anymore. Thank you SkinBeClear Dermatherapy for giving my son relief. You have changed all our lives forever.

S. Hentz


For the last forty years, I have dealt with psoriasis and SkinBeClear Dermatherapy is the answer to all my discomforts relating to psoriasis. In the past I desperately sought out doctors, specialists and dermatologists to help eliminate the discomfort and unsightly scabs that are associated with these skin disorders, but I have had no relief. I have finally found relief and a better quality of life. I found it in SkinBeClear Dermatherapy. When I first went to SkinBeClear Dermatherapy, I told them I was skeptical and not really expecting anything. They were true to their word and professional in their work.

I have been doing treatments for my psoriasis since March 1, 2004 for the initial ten weeks of the prescription and now I am on a ten week maintenance program to keep the psoriasis clear SkinBeClear Dermatherapy has allowed me to enjoy life again without the unsightliness and irritability that I have endured for so long.

R. Fee


Since childhood I have dealt with psoriasis. I have now been working at my place of work for 31 years. I have psoriasis on my hands and feet. I have had to deal with the pain of cracked hands to the point that I could not open doors for myself and I could not open bottle caps for myself. Any day-to-day activity had to be done with gloves and severe pain. My feet were cracked and sore so bad that I would have to wrap them in ace bandages so I could actually walk and be on my feet for short periods of time. Psoriasis for me has taken many activities and the pleasures of life from me.

I have tried all topicals that are available and I have had no relief. SkinBeClear Dermatherapy has given me a better quality of life. I am Clear and I am able to enjoy the pleasures of my life again.

Thank you SkinBeClear Dermatherapy,

P. Brinkley